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If you’re concerned about ensuring your working environment is completely safe and hygienic, it’s important that you take care of things from top to bottom. Of course, this includes your flooring too, and here at BioClad® you’ll discover our range of safety flooring products that incorporate our revolutionary antimicrobial technology. Our hygienic flooring systems and antimicrobial flooring offer unparalleled sanitary and safety performance whatever the setting, and with BioFloor®, you’re able to transform your space into an easy-to-clean and slip-resistant safe haven.


At BioClad, we are passionate about providing safety flooring solutions that transform the hygienic qualities of your environment. Using BioFloor®, an easy-to-clean and slip-resistant surface, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients. Containing antimicrobial BioCote® silver ion technology, our flooring solutions have been tested and proven to reduce microbes by 99.9% in just two hours. It is also flexible and has a high PVC content, meaning it is easy to weld.

The makeup of the compounds in BioFloor® produce a cleanable surface, and when pressure is applied to the floor by feet, it grips and provides resistance to minimise slips and trips. BioFloor® also has a 15-year warranty.

Technical Profile Overview:

Antimicrobial: ISO-22196: 2011, Log10> 4.83 – 99.9%
Flooring Type: EN13845 EN12553 – Safety Flooring
Roll Dimensions: EN426, 2.0m x 20m = 40 m2
Overall Thickness: EN428, 2.0mm
Weight: EN430, 2.45kg/m2
Classification: EN649 EN685, Commercial 34 Industrial 43
Sound insulation: ISO140-8, 5 dB
Indentation: EN422 < 0.10mm

Fire Behaviour:

EN 13501-1, ISO 9239-1, ISO 11925-2, EC95/28, FMVSS302, CMVSS302, BS 6853:1999, BS 476 pt 7, Din 5510-1(R10) Din 5510-2 (R11&R12) CAN/ULC – S102.2 – TESTED Class Bfl-s1, Critical Radient Flux >8kW/m2, Smoke Obscuration <750% minutes, PASS, PASS, PASS, Cat 1b, Class1, SF2 (R10) SF3 (R11&R12)

  • World’s first Antimicrobial protection for walls and doors
  • Protects against the threat of MRSA, E.Coli and Influenza
  • Matching silicone available

  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Can be thermoformed to provide a seamless uniformed finish
  • Full heavy-duty wall protection accessory range available including handrails, bump rails and corner guards

Colours may vary from screen to physical product, we recommend requesting samples to see the true colour representation.

R12 Kora

R12 Stone

R12 Hema

R12 Hema

R12 Azurite

R11 Stone

R10/11/12 Matite

R10/11/12 Turine

R10 Soda

R10/11/12 Schori

R10/11/12 Nova

R10/11/12 Micaa

R10/11/12 Matite

R10/11/12 Lodestone


R10 Frucha

R10 Flint

R10 Drusy

R10 Apati

R10 Andrite