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Life Whisperer

More than 200 million people worldwide live with infertility, just a fraction attempt IVF.

Life Whisperer offers new hope to improve pregnancy rates with a cloud-based AI system, trained on more than 20,000 globally sourced 2D embryo images; a powerful basis for the Life Whisperer AI to quickly identify features invisible to the human eye.

This is why global clinics use Life Whisperer to help skilled embryologists identify the highest quality and most viable embryos to focus on for their patients.

Following the launch of Life Whisperer’s first product Viability, the global IVF offering has expanded to non-invasive Genetics. Bundling the two advanced AI assessment products gives clinics and patients a complete ranking of embryo quality using a single image.

Non-invasive and easy-to-use technology, Life Whisperer is scientifically and practically proven to improve embryo selection.

Using deep learning and computer vision, Life Whisperer identifies morphological features that constitute a healthy embryo, which are often invisible to the human eye.

Our clinical studies with leading fertility clinics demonstrate a marked improvement beyond traditional manual methods alone. Life Whisperer technology is highly affordable for patients. And for clinics, there are not set-up costs or ongoing fees. Unlike time lapse or other technologies, there’s no hardware and zero disruption to normal practice.