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Goggle Tech

Goggle Tech is a UK registered company involved in manufacturing and supply of safety lenses for motor sports (motor bikes, cycling, etc) in Europe. GoHealthe has been appointed as the exclusive manufacturing partner for GoggleTech and all lenses are manufactured and packed in India and exported to Europe through Goggle Tech.

Today kids and adults the world over STILL need to remove their Goggles due to the lack of a clear vision, and for us, that is madness & a severe accident waiting to happen. I decided immediately that our concept was still the answer to this genuine problem. We investigated the potential and viability of creating a wire-wool tested surface coating that would stop this from happening.

Working alongside our chosen partners over the next couple of years, we landed on a never-before-used High.Impact.Surface.Coating(HISC.) is a complete 180-degree turnaround from the accepted norm that we are all accustomed to.

Even after our pre-testing, we instantly knew we had made a fantastic breakthrough for the Offroad industry and Goggle Sport in general.

DETAILS of Innovation

The quality of all GOGGLE-TECH products is assured.

Most of the aftermarket lenses and tapes that have flooded the market over the years are useless / without so much of a brushed branch or a sandy glove, they are hoisted off and discarded. There are no two ways about it GOGGLE-TECH sporting eye wear protection is a disruptive product in the sense that any lens currently being produced anywhere in the world could not/will not withstand the same level of impact, meaning we have the safest replacement lens on the planet - seeing is believing.

With interest from America & around Europe &here in the UK - we are confident that this is the start of an evolution for sports eye wear protection - offload to the ocean to the roads. We are a proud company based in the United Kingdom.