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Ferti Assist

Software for Assisted Reproduction

Centers Managing ART medical records is made easy with Ferti Assist System: ensuring comprehensiveness, compliance and efficiency.

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Embryo Grading
Embryo Grading
Cryo Preservation


Ferti Assist, an information system for fertility centers, instant starter for fertility centers to manage the process of infertility treatment. It has counseling plans, treatment plans, and stimulations to embryo transfers, prescriptions, medical equipment integration and comprehensive clinical records.

Pre-configured for Fertility Center
Clinical data setup is fully configured for a typical fertility center. Your center may alter only what is necessary in service offerings, protocols, staff details, pricing charts, activities list etc.

Readymade Clinical Forms
Clinical forms such as Medical History, Examination, Baseline Scan, Hysteroscopy Reports, Laparoscopy Reports etc. are readily available for use. New customized forms for your protocol needs will be provided as and when required.

ART Protocols Activities
We Support all protocols of IVF, IUI, Frozen Embryo Transfers, Donor Embryo Transfers. You may define pertinent activities such as test or procedures, medicines are consultations etc for each protocol, for the concerned actor. Even otherwise, the generic list of tests and meds are available

All-in-One view of Treatment
This is the most useful feature for the doctors: to view the entire treatment cycle progress, activity wise, in one single form. The doctor will be able to refer to labs, meds and other activities that took place during the cycle – without moving away from this single view of cycle.

Auto-Follow up of Activities
The activities are chained and scheduled for follow up, the status of which can be verified by the doctor or embryologists or any specialists during the course of cycle. Auto-scheduling of alter messages to couples may also be configured for priority activities.

Alerts & Reminders
This is well connected to treatment cycle activities, or independent of cycle events. The alerts and reminders are configurable for providers, coordinating staff or couples in a customizable manner.

Security & Audit
From basic authentication to gain access to system operations, to individual event tracking at database level auditing is available in the software. Considering the load on various module functions and customer needs, the audit events will be customized as per local compliance needs.

Vast number of data points is present in the system, and hence, enormous provision for complex analysis is possible in Ferti Assist . The management information reporting and ART specific analysis reports are provided in real-time. For additional customized analytical modeling Ferti Assist provides data through its Web APIs and standard batch data dumps.

Registration & Screening
Couples, Individuals and Donors are registered in Ferti Assist , by providing minimal but essential information. Subsequently, details can be recorded as per convenience of customers. Preliminary screening, counseling, tests and checkups are conducted, information taken prior to identifying the suitable protocol for the couple. Apart from clinical information, Ferti Assist also provides billing and lab department support for the fertility centers.

Clinical Forms
Infertility treatment specific forms are provided for a very structured data collection. One page form, to multi-page forms for personal history and clinical examination, to any adhoc data form with image capture are available for customization for each center. For example, Female medical history form has over 200+ data points to record for each patient. These forms are viewable from treatment cycle screens for the doctor.

Treatment Cycles
The crux of Ferti Assist is Treatment Cycles Management. From a clinician stand point, Ferti Assist provides a simplistic organization of workbench for managing scans, from pickups, to embryo transfers and pregnancy test. Cycle status views, Detailed Activity Views, Cryo Storage information, and cycle specific meds and tests/procedures are all seen from single form, without jumping to other screens. Activities Supported comprehensively are as follows Scans, Triggers, Pickups, Oocyte Assessment, Semen Extraction and Processing, Insemination Logs, Embryo grading, Embryo Transfers, Cryopreservation, and finally Pregnancy Testing.


The Objective of Storage of Embryos in a cycle is, for the retrieval of the same information for the purpose of continuing the cycle, or using in a self-cycle or using in entirely different patient’s cycle (Donor ET). Ferti Assist helps to easily mark the grade and count of embryos to be stored in a specific location, and retrieval of the same in any other cycle, while maintaining the inventory of how many embryos are used and still available.

Activity Tracker
Each cycle is an attempt to conduct the treatment protocol as per a schedule drafted by the clinician. The planning & tracking of treatment activities is a continuous process throughout the cycle duration. Ferti Assist provides an easy way to generate a tracking plan for each cycle. In this tracker, couple’s events of consultations, tests, meds and procedures are recorded. Sometimes, even the simple counseling sessions can be noted for follow up.

Tracker helps in fertility center staff getting notified of upcoming tasks to plan, coordinate and remind respective stake holders in the treatment process.

MIS & Analysis
Off the shelf, Ferti Assist provides over 40 easily understandable reports belonging to all functions of fertility centers, such as, Clinical, Storage, Consultations, Treatment Specifics, Department wise or center-wise data groupings.

Analysis is over and above the routine management reports, for understanding the efficacy of treatment, performance of staff with respect to task closure, identifying overall-gaps in the standard procedures. Ferti Assist offers Customizable Analytical reports, or Data Export Provision to standard formats or exposing Web API method to extract filtered data by requesting systems.

Security & Audit

Ferti Assist Security Framework operates at three levels: Authentication, granting access to known users only Role based Authorization, granting access to features specific to the role chosen during login. Session Control, an automatic mechanism of restricting users to ONLY ONE SESSION at a time, be it from another computer or smart device, or in same computer through different browsers also is not allowed.

Ferti Assist Audit Framework Operates in two levels:
Every data request (for viewing or modifying) is intercepted by Audit Framework for basic operational log, such as who is doing what at what time Detailed data Log happens at database level, where the critical data modifications are recorded for ‘UNDO’ purposes at a later point of time Wherever the operations are irreversible, a serious alert is flashed to users to confirm the action before proceeding.

The reason is very essential; those actions will have implications on ‘not to miss serial numbers’ or other entities acting the updated information prior to cancelling such action. Ferti Assist provides extra layer of Auditing based on locale-specific compliance needs, this layer is purely customizable for centers