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In any IVF clinic, the embryology lab (IVF Lab) is the heart of the unit. Go Healthe understands the importance of this and helps to construct the lab to assure maximum benefit. We use latest materials & technology to provide optimal environmental conditions to do the procedures inside IVF Lab.

Go Healthe is the first company to have constructed an IVF LAB using silver ion impregnated wall cladding sheets in India. We have successfully installed more than 50+ IVF Labs in India, SriLanka and Maldives.

The laboratory is fitted with specialised AHU wherein the air is passed through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) terminal filters. This along with 100% VOC controlled environment and positive pressure helps to minimise air contamination.

Materials used in laboratory construction - wall, flooring and furniture are chosen to maintain a high level of clean room standards, minimizing volatile organic compounds (VOC) release and embryo toxicity.

Based on customer requirements materials for the wall, celling, floor & HVAC systems can be individually selected.