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SurvivoWellness is a UK registered company and has the patency for the SurvivO2 full face mask. Concept for this mask is conceived in the UK but co-designed with designers affiliated with GoHealthe in India. Most of the components of the mask are manufactured in India in keeping with the “Made in India” policy.

SurvivO2 - Full Face Mask

Designed in the UK in conjunction with medical professionals. The SurvivO2, Full facemask gives protection against viruses / bacteria gaining entry via nose, mouth or eyes and causing infection

The SurvivO2 full face mask provides a unique combination of

  •  Anti-Fog coated face shield (inner surface of face shield)
  •  Replaceable 3=ply IIR filters (enhanced protection)
  •  Copper mesh providing additional anti-microbial protection.
  •  Comfortable short/long term use without the 'suffocating feel' of traditional masks.
  •  Provides protection against infection, pollution and allergens in the environment.
  •  Ideal for healthcare workers and others wotking in 'at-risk / exposure driven' areas.